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Oncology – early phase trials – AP-HM


Recently awarded CLIP2* (centre labellisé INCa pour les phases précoces) for adults and children patients, l’Assistance Publique des Hôpitaux de Marseille, supported by all the oncology departments of the institution provide patients with early stage therapeutic innovations beyond high quality standard medical care.


The drug cycle

The development of anti-cancer drugs is subject to progressive steps within an ethical and scientific quality standards framework.
The step one, or phase I, is the first administration to patients and contributes to determine, in combination with the tolerance profile study, the dose which will be used.
Then the efficacy is evaluated according to response and survival rates.



A real opportunity for patients


This high level activity has the objective to profit cancer patients an earlier access to innovative therapies.
This perspective represents a real opportunity for all patients, especially for them who failed under previously standards.



CLIP2* Organisation:


Early phase trials include phase I, phase I/II and phase II trials.


The CLIP2 structure is defined, for adults part, according to a model with a main site(located at the Timone Hospital) where phase I and phase I/II trials are conducted and 6 partner sites (Onco-dermatology, hematology, neuro-oncology, digestive oncology, medical oncology and multidisciplinary oncology) where phase II trials are performed in respective pathologies.


Early phase in pediatrics will be still performed in the pediatrics oncology department located at the children hospital due to involvement of specific staff and for practical reasons.


To meet high level requirements of this kind of activity, the phase I unit has qualified and motivated multidisciplinary team included international oncology leaders in their respective pathological area, adequate and certified equipment.


Developement and training to therapeutics innovations

The AP-HM selected for the development of new drugs, is specifically involved in industrial transfert of new target therapies.



In order to develop efficiently this activity, were initiated annual meetings with clinicians, researches, representatives of pharmaceutical companies to debate on topics related to Phase I studies in oncology.


In 2019, the selected subject is : « Les Essais Précoces & the revisited « olds » »
Access to the 06.14.2019 program
 (PDF document)

In 2018, the selected subject is : « Les essais précoces de nouvelles combinaisons thérapeutiques »
Access to the 06.22.2018 program (PDF document )


In 2017, the subject was : « Comment faciliter l’accès des patients aux essais de phase I en Cancérologie »
Access to the 06.23.2017 program (PDF document )

In 2016 : « La place des essais précoces dans l’évaluation de la tolérance des anticancéreux »
Access to 06.17.2016 program (PDF document)


In 2015 : « Designs pour l'évaluation des nouvelles immunothérapies en phase I  »
Access to 06.26.2015 program (PDF document)


In 2014, the topic was: « Essais de phases I en oncologie : Quels designs pour demain ? »
Access to 06.20.2014 program ( PDF document)


In 2013, the selected subject was: « Essais de phase I bio-guidés en oncologie: facteur de succès rapide ou risque potentiel d'abandon précoce pour les nouvelles drogues ? »
Access to 06.14.2013 program (PDF document)


In 2012, was taken place the 1st session on « Phases I en oncologie »
Access to 06.29.2012 program (PDF document)


In parallel with its development, CLIP² AP-HM has put in place the modern and optimal means of evaluating the safety of innovative treatments under study in early cancer trials in order to improve  prevention, early diagnosis and management of adverse reactions potentially induced by these treatments.


The creation of Oncosafety network®, a network of medical experts from the AP-HM and Aix Marseille University for each medical discipline, makes it possible to have a quick medical advice from a specialist  in the field of side effects of anticancer treatments and sensitized to innovative treatments in development. For each request for advice, an information sheet adapted to each specialty must be sent by e-mail in the mail boxes dedicated to each discipline, details of which are given below:



Medical Spécialty

Referral Physicians

Proposed e-mail adresses

Onco Cardiology

Pr Franck Thuny


Dr Jennifer Cautela

Dr Morgane Orabona

Onco Néphrology

Pr Stéphane Burtey


Dr Marion Sallee

Onco Hépatology

Pr René Gérolami


Onco Digestive

Pr Laëtitia Dahan  


Dr Emmanuelle Norguet

Onco Ophtalmology

Dr Émilie Granget


Onco Dermatology

Pr Jean-jacques Grob


Dr Sandrine Monestier

Onco Hématology

Pr Regis Costello


Dr Isabelle Arnoux

Dr Marie Loosveld

Onco Pneumology

Dr Pascale Tomasini


Dr Arnaud Boyer


Onco Neurology

Dr Emilien Delmont


Onco Neurology

Pr Olivier Chinot


Dr Elsa Kaphan

Dr Hanna Bou Ali


Dr Renaud Meller



Dr Frederique Albarel


Dr Sophie Beliard

Dr Noémie Dubois

Pediatric Oncology

Pr Nicolas André



*centre labellisé INCa de phases précoces


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CLIP² : Center of early phase cancer trials of Marseille



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